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Migrating Lat/Lng to Blogger Geotags

I have been following Blogger's announcement Blogger in Draft: New feature: Geotagging and noticed that some users are having a hard time finding their exact post locations. I have also seen various informal "geotagging" techniques used around various Blogger sites; Google Maps, Google Static maps, KML/KMZ files or text input and all geotagged photos contain the lat/lng data within the Exif data. All of these methods require knowledge of the exact Lat/Long for the marker (ie. post location). Since all of our Sailing Blogs are tagged with Lat/Lng, I thought I'd detail the migration path.

Blogger-in-Draft Location Editor

Enter a space separated Lat Lng pair into the search box of the Blogger-in-Draft location editor and click Search. This will zoom the map to the correct location but leave the Location link name blank. Zoom out (using the - button), the Location link name should now appear.

Adjusting the Location String

The Location string is determined via the reverse geocoder which will sometimes result in Unknown Location. You can adjust the Location name by clicking on the Location Link under the search box (next to Location:) and entering the desired Location text.

When I first tested direct lat/lng entry it didn't appear to work correctly (user error? Bug Fix?). Sometimes the result would shift back to the reverse geocoded result instead of the Lat/Lng in the search string.

Finding a Lat/Lng

There are lots of ways to get the Lat/Lng of a location/address including Wikipedia (good for tourist locations) or by extracting the data from geotagged photos (from a mobile device or automatic geotagging software).

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