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New Geotagged Blogger Posts

We've been geo-blogging with Blogger ever since the second post of our Sailing blog back in June 2005. It is such a great way to track our travels and keep people up to date with not only what we are up to, but where we are. Most of our friends and family had no idea where Kiribati, Eritrea or the Maldives are, let alone the remote anchorages we love to visit.

Blogger has just announced support for geotagging which is currently available only through Blogger in draft. This feature allows users to specify a location for each blog post and outputs it as a GeoRSS feed. Check out the announcement for some known issues.

We have updated BlurbBits to support the Blogger GeoRSS output in addition to our existing text (for Mail-to-Blogger) and BlurbBit (including optional zoom and path) geotagging formats . This will allow users to view their geotagged posts in the BlurbsViewr (an enhanced blogmap) and/or extract various maps/views into stand alone BlurbBits.

To learn more about BlurbBits start here or check out our basic BlurbsViewr Blogview.

For Blogger viewing options with examples, check out our Blogger BlurbBits Playground.

We are VERY excited about the new native Blogger Geotagging support and will be looking for additional ways to enhance your geo-blogging Blogger experience.

Stay tuned for updates. Comments and feedback are always appreciated.

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