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Using a BlurbBit

Note: This post explains how to use the features of a BlurbBit. Visit getting started for an overview of BlurbBits and utilities.

The menu on the top right corner of the window contains all the features available in the current BlurbBit. When a button is clicked, the selected feature will appear in the main display window. The menu can be also hidden by selecting the Hide menu button to the far right.

The Map:

In certain instances the map will appear automatically as the primary selection. If (Click to Zoom) appears in the map title, clicking the map will toggle to the other view. The developer has the option to initialize the map either zoom-in or zoom-out modes, so it may appear in either state.


If Photos, Photo Albums or Photo Blogs are available, the Photo Strip and Slide Show buttons will appear. Clicking on either button will load the photos. If geotagged photos exist, a Geo-Photos map button will appear next to the Photo Strip in the Top Menu after the photos have been loaded. In both photo viewing modes, a menu will appear with additional options to the right of the photo. The buttons toggle the selected feature:
  • Show Title: Shows the Photo Caption or Photo Blog Title.
  • Location Map: Shows Map if Photo or Blog is geotagged.
  • Notes: Includes details/links about the photo and author. In the case of a Blog, a summary will appear.
  • Open Link/Album: Opens the link to the source Photo, Album or Blog. In the case of an Album, a popup will appear with the selected album in a new BlurbBit.

Photo Strip Mode

This mode allows the photos to be previewed as thumbnails below the main photo. Selecting the photo or arrow button changes the selected photo. If either the map or the notes panel is enabled, the location maps or the photo description/blog summary will be updated, both options must be disabled to see the photo. The Photo Strip can also be hidden by clicking the button on the lower right of the photo strip (under the forward/back buttons).

SlideShow Mode

The slideshow will automatically load and sequence through the photos. Click or Move the mouse over the photo to pause. Selecting either the Location Map or Notes option will also pause the map. To re-start click the photo after disabling any options (or under the notes window). Both the slide show and the photo strip access the same images.


Gives the option to Share this specific BlurbBit. Click on the share button to obtain a list of available sharing options.

The BlurbBit can also be used in a design mode by specifying &design=true in the Url Parameters. In this mode, Selecting the info button will give this various Blogger, embed or link options.

More Coming

More features are in the works, so keep your eyes peeled.

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