Want to see BlurbBits in action? Click , visit our Sailing Blog or more examples.
And use the BlurbsViewr to navigate our blogs via an interactive lifestream map.


BlurbBits Terms Of Use

BlurbBits are free to use for non-commercial use.

BlurbBits use Google Maps and Google Static maps, users of BlurbBits are subject to the same terms of use as the API. In addition we ask that BlurbBits not be used for commercial purposes (contact us with questions).

Beta Version

This Version of BlurbBits, the BlurbBits Mapr, BlurbsViewr and other utilities is the initial public release. Although we have attempted to find/fix every bug, we only have a limited number of resources available while we focus on further development and will not be able to handle large support loads or hand holding.

In case you haven't noticed we spent a HUGE amount of time documenting features and making a flexible interactive example platform. Please use this!! We cannot tolerate overloading by users who don't take the time to read the available information.. It's there, if you feel something is truly missing please let us know.

The Future

Who knows!! We think BlurbBits is a cool idea and what you see is just in its infancy. However we still need to find away to pay for development and support. If you like it, please let us know and spread the word.

A pat on the back doesn't pay the bills but it helps..


We rely heavily on Google Static Maps to provide the map images you see in the BlurbBits. It is a new API and we have been testing it to its limits (and beyond). We also use the Google Maps API for the Mapr and both are amazing, however we are subject to changes and bugs that may effect BlurbBits that are beyond our control. We are available for consulting to build your Custom Google Maps or BlurbBits Implementations. If you are looking for a simple non-javascript version of the maps you see here, check out the Static Map API for various options.

In the case of lines/paths there is a limit of 50 points for all lines. Multiple lines can be added as long as more than 50 points are not added. We are using Google Static Maps API to obtain the maps you see here.

Maps are also limited by the number of characters in the Url parameters that must be passed to the Google to obtain the Map Image. We've never had a problem but if you are running into the limit, save the BlurbBit to the ScratchPad and remove some extra digits in the path.

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