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BlurbBits on Wordpress.com

Ok so I'm doing a little testing over on a BlurbBits Wordpress blog just to see what you can and can't do..

No Iframes so embedded BlurbBits are out, no javascript so there goes the auto generated BlurbBit popup maps.. I tried just cutting and pasting the Full embedded code just to see what would happen... The good news is the photo stays and the links all look good after they remove all of the Iframe for me (thanks)!! I also discovered that they also do something with absolute positioned elements, i.e. remove ALL style formating including the photo height and width (not nice)!! I have fixed the height and width issue, however a Wordpress.com user will need to remove the style attributes of the top BlurbBits div in order to get the tightest formating around the photo or you can just use the link options and add your own photos.

So here's what we can offer..

Interactive Examples:
A Blog map extracted for blurbbits.wordpress.com
A Blog Album of blurbbits.wordpress.com
A Wordpress "where" map with link to latest Post
.. and an interactive Blog Navigation Map

No javascript or iframes is necessary on your site. We do the heavy lifting.

Check out our wordpress.com playground to see what we have done. We can add a selected photo and a link to the BlurbBits in the post but can't embed it or do any fancy Javascript GeoBlog Summaries and MORE!!

There are some issues to sort out prior to upgrading Wordpress.com to a defined status
  • Need some qualified testers who are willing to help test the functionality
  • Need to better understand the various photo uploading/blogging options.
    The basic single upload is simple to extract various sizes (thumbnail, full size etc).
  • Understand the requirements/process for approval as short codes. This is where BlurbBits would shine.
Need to find anyone who might be interested (contact us if you are).

And I can't believe how unbelievably slow it is .. In fact I'm writing all this while waiting for a WordPress Publish. It took almost two minutes to go from editing one post to editing another (1:53). Granted I don't have the fastest machine in the world but to save this edit and edit another post takes..23 seconds.. wow what a difference. I actually had to give up.. any menu click goes through the secure socket layer and takes forever. By the time I got to my post I had already forgotten what I was going to write about. I can't even figure out how to shut it off.. I tried all the suggestions but nothing seems to work!! oh Well.. glad I'm blogging here.

Update I did login later and found I wasn't in secure mode (must have been cookies or something).. it was faster.. but still slower than blogger.

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