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Picasa Album/Map Viewer

BlurbBits is great for viewing geotagged Picasa albums because it is focused around the photos not the map. We use Google static maps to add an overview map of your geotagged photos and an individual photo map for each photo.

With a single click the users can quickly see a map of the album location. A zoomed out view is also available, so the user can always answer where was that?.

You can also add an additional map, this one shows our 5 year Sailing trip. Clicking on the route map will load a detailed view showing our current location. Selecting the photo strip menu button will load our albums, add a geo photos map overview button to the main menu, and display the photo options menu. This menu allows you to toggle on/off various album overlays including captions, albums notes, and/or the location map (if it has a geotag). Change albums by selecting the thumbnail or using the next/previous buttons. The photos IN each album can be viewed by clicking the open album button. A popup will appear showing the selected albums location and its photos can be loaded and navigated the same way as albums. Once photos are loaded, the geo-photos button will appear in the main menu along with a map link (in the sidebar) for each photo, both a detailed photo location and overview map are available.

Picasa albums and photos can be organized/filtered by album or tags or general strings (title, tag).

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